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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [[http://givemeback.org/ Official website]]
* [http://givemeback.org/ Official website]
[[Category: Zine]] [[Category:Washington DC Zines]]
[[Category: Zine]] [[Category:Washington DC Zines]][[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.]] [[Category:2000's publications]] [[Category:Punk]]

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The cover of issue #1 / #51 of Give Me Back

Give Me Back is a quarterly zine documenting DIY hardcore and punk based out of Washington, D.C. The name is taken from an Embrace song as well as the title of an Ebullition compilation. The zine began as an idea to help fill the void left by HeartattaCk. The first issue of Give Me Back is numbered #51 as an homage to HeartattaCk which left off at issue #50.

It features columns, interviews, and reviews of musical releases and other zines.

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