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Girl on Girl Productions, or gog productions, was a small publisher based in Montreal, Quebec between 2000-2002.

Their mission was as a revolutionary feminist and queer publishing stunt dedicated to producing handbooks, zines, art, and other media. Girl on gIRL Productions brought activism to places of ambiguity -- restrooms, libraries, "public" streets, advertising, school, women's bodies -- to challenge the control of the "public" domain and illustrate the artificiality of the notion of public equals access for all.

Their publications included Spiked Riot, How to Make a Zine, The Bathroom Activist, Huesbook, and we are warriors. These were distributed by moonrocket distro, grrrl style distro, ladybomb distro, the lady project, union zine, spark zine, spy kids, beyond a joke, and independent thought brigade.

External Link

Their website is still accessible, though not updated. gogproductions