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Gigglebot distro is a non-profit distro, started by Jessaruh in May of 2005. Gigglebot is based in Atlanta, Georgia carrying zines ranging from the personal to political, literary to artistic, and more.


A Pay Pal claim against Gigglebot was settled in a buyer's favor on June 21, 2011. Jess, the owner of Gigglebot, lied to the buyer and said she was sending an order. After numerous attempts to get the order or a refund, a Pay Pal claim was initiated. Jess then lied to Pay Pal and said again she was sending the order, going so far as to notify the post office to expect a package that she would never send. After it was made readily apparent that Jess had lied twice about sending the package, Pay Pal refunded the cost of the order in full.

As of June 22, 2011, the Gigglebot website is still active. Order from it at your own risk.


Giggle Mafia is a frequent buyer card program via Gigglebot distro. Based on past purchases the card provides gift cards for future purchases.

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