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[[Image:Giantess05.gif|frame|''Giantess'' #5]]
[[Image:Giantess05.gif|200px|thumb|right|''Giantess'' #5]]
'''Giantess''' (2002-) is a [[perzine]]/[[Lit-zine|litzine]] by [[Candace Margret Petrik]].  
'''Giantess''' (2002-) is a [[perzine]]/[[Lit-zine|litzine]] by [[Candace Margret Petrik]].  

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Giantess #5

Giantess (2002-) is a perzine/litzine by Candace Margret Petrik.


  • Giantess #4 was included in the Melbourne City Library's interactive zine exhibition, Wet Ink
  • Giantess #5, quarter-sized, 28 pages, plus a six-paged mini-insert
  • Giantess #6, 1/8th sized, 40 pages, plus mini-insert. An almost travel zine, about an Australian backpacking in Europe, but obsessing about Australian national identity the whole time.
  • Giantess #7 (February, 2007), included a mini-zine, Giantess #7.5.

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