Gianni Simone

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Gianni Simone is an Italian zinester and mail artist who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. In 1997 he joined the international mail art network and soon became involved in a number of projects, contributing to many collective exhibitions and producing several catalogues and artist books, including Key 164, Remix, Barbershop Songs, and the Trattato di Anatomia Patafisica. In 2000 he replaced German artist Wilfried Nold as editor and publisher of Numero, a zine devoted to the discussion of mail art-related topics. The new version of this mail art forum is called KAIRAN. In 2004 he started two new zines, Call & Response and Orga(ni)sm, the latter one devoted to (living in) Tokyo and all things Japanese. Among other things, he has contributed a mail art column to Xerography Debt and another one about life in Japan to the Italian magazine Mondo Japan.