Genetic Disorder

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Genetic Disorder issue #14

Genetic Disorder has been published since 1987 by Larry Genetic from San Diego, CA. It began as a half-sized photocopied 18 page zine and the most current issue, #18, is 64 pages with a full color glossy cover. In true zine fashion, the issues are published randomly, sometimes two years apart. Each issue features a bunch of stories and rants from Larry, as well as band and zine reviews and a lot of humorous tidbits. The stories range from well-researched articles on serial killers to stories about getting drunk and dating. It straddles the divide between perzine and punk music zine and is consistantly entertaining and of very high quality.

Lary an Genetic Disorder were part of the 1996 Kill Zinesters Tour, which he covered in Issue #15.