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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=8728&catid=110&volume_id=398&issue_id=436&volume_num=43&issue_num=38 Interview with Gary in the ''San Francisco Bay Guardian'' by Johhny Ray Huston]
*[http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=8728&catid=110&volume_id=398&issue_id=436&volume_num=43&issue_num=38 Interview with Gary in the ''San Francisco Bay Guardian'' by Johnny Ray Huston]
*[http://www.myspace.com/2619134 Gary Fembot on My Space]
*[http://www.myspace.com/2619134 Gary Fembot on My Space]
*[http://www.worldfamousinsf.com/blog/2008/06/23/myspace-of-the-week-sta-prest/ Sta-Prest on the "World Famous in SF" blog]
*[http://www.worldfamousinsf.com/blog/2008/06/23/myspace-of-the-week-sta-prest/ Sta-Prest on the "World Famous in SF" blog]
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[[Category:Zinester|Fembot, Gary]] [[Category:California Zinesters|Fembot, Gary]]
[[Category:San Francisco Zinesters|Fembot, Gary]]
[[Category:San Francisco Zinesters|Fembot, Gary]]

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Gary Fembot is a zine editor, musician and filmmaker from San Franciso, Ca., U.S.A.

Gary Fembot began releasing his zine Fembot in the early 1990's. Three issues were released. One issue was a split zine with the San Francisco publication Outpunk. As well, Fembot was featured in Issue 6 of Outpunk, which editor Matt Wobensmith dedicated to reprints of articles from noteworthy zines.

After the fourth issue was released, Gary Fembot's subsequent publications were called "Fembot Presents Jam While You Cram", named after a popular high school locker poster from the 1980's. Two issues were released.

Gary Fembot was also in the band Sta-Prest, in which band members routinely switched instruments. Gary Fembot's vocals appear on a number of the group's recordings, released by labels such as Outpunk and Kill Rock Stars. As well, he was a member of the bands Feelings On A Grid, Swishin' Duds, and Mon Oncle Belge, and frequently runs club nights in San Francisco.

In 2002, Sta-Prest members Gary (under the moniker D.M. Feelings) and Iraya Robles (as Aloofa) appeared in Maximum Rock 'N' Roll's "Queer Punk" issue.

The band appears in the documentary She's Real, Worse Than Queer, by Lucy Thane.

Gary Fembot is also a filmmaker, whose own film The Oners, featuring Gwenael Rattke, editor of Easily Grossed Out, appeared on volume 2 of the Kill Rock Stars Video Fanzine. He has also made the films The Willows, with Iraya Robles of Sta-Prest, and Mondo Bottomless with Brontez and Gwenael Rattke, among others.

In 2008, Gary Fembot made an appearance in the feature film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones alongside fellow zinesters Jena von Brücker, Vaginal Davis, Jen Smith, Johnny Noxzema and Anonymous Boy.

At present, Gary plays keyboards and sings in the band Puce Moment.




  • "Nelly Strut/Susperia" on Outpunk Dance Party, Outpunk
  • Vespa Sex EP, Outpunk
  • "Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends/You Are The Company Spy", 7", Outpunk
  • "Form Fitting/Diffy Peeps", Kill Rock Stars Mailorder Freaks Singles Club 1998


(as director)

  • The Oners, (Kill Rock Stars Video Fanzine #2)
  • Mondo Bottomless (2006)
  • The Willows

(as himself)

  • She's Real, Worse Than Queer, Lucy Thane

(as actor)

External Links