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[http://www.gamequestnovel.com Official Game Quest Website]
[http://www.gamequestnovel.com Official Game Quest Website]
[http://www.leopoldmcginnis.com - The Author's Website]
[http://www.leopoldmcginnis.com The Author's Website]
[http://www.jmww.150m.com/Game.html Review of Game Quest by JMWW]
[http://www.jmww.150m.com/Game.html Review of Game Quest by JMWW]
[http://musea.us/review60.html Review of Game Quest by] [[Musea]]
[http://musea.us/review60.html Review of Game Quest by] [[Musea]]

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Game Quest by Leopold McGinnis


Game Quest, a novel by independent Canadian author Leopold McGinnis, follows the David vs Goliath downfall of the once quaint ways of computer game business in the mid-90s. Covering such unusual topics as old-school computer gaming and women gamers, Game Quest ultimately explores the theme of fighting for what one believes in the face of near certain failure.


Inspired by a true story, Game Quest follows the diverse characters of Madre Games Entertainment, most importantly Will and Kendra Roberts - who started the company in their garage (back when games were still shipped in ziplock bags). By the mid 90s Madre has grown to become one of the most respected and powerful computer game companies on the planet. Will and Kendra Roberts have pioneered this new industry by following their own brand of folksy, do-it-yourself business ethic. But success proves to be their greatest enemy as their company begins to slip wildly beyond their control. And no matter what the employees of Madre do, failure seem inevitable.

At home, Will and Kendra struggle to deal with the fact that their daughter spends all her time in front of a computer, absorbed in chat forums and playing the competitor's games. When Heather makes a friend of unknown identity on the Internet, the world's first all-female Deathmatch Clan is born and Kendra wonders if her daughter will ever come back out of the computer. As Will watches everything he's worked to achieve in his life slip between his fingers, Kendra, between the daily pressures of work and family, begins to lose her mind, convinced that the brazen action heroes of the competition's games are coming to kill her.

As a hostile takeover looms on the horizon, the varied characters of Madre are put to the test: Do they become the enemy they hate to survive, or stick to the simple ways that have served them well...and fail.


Game Quest features a number of other quirky characters typical of McGinnis' work, including Art Loel - creator of the world's first and foremost adult-rated game series, Tray Cool - a scooter riding, fashion victim cool-hunter and Dan Destroyem, a muscle bound Schwarzennegger-esque computer game character who comes to life in the mind of Kendra. The novel contains an number of small subplots, including one featuring the corporate takeover of the Madre crew's favourite coffee shop, Naughté Latté, by the unstoppable coffee chain, Ché's Coffee Revolution.


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