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[[Image:GaggingDog.12%.jpg|frame'''Gagging Dog''']]
[[Image:GaggingDog.12%.jpg|frame|'''Gagging Dog''']]
'''Gagging Dog''' is a [[punk]] [[fanzine]] from Tempe, Arizona.
'''Gagging Dog''' is a [[punk]] [[fanzine]] from Tempe, Arizona.

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Gagging Dog

Gagging Dog is a punk fanzine from Tempe, Arizona.

Edited by Rusty, with assistance from Dani and photos by Joe Cutlice, Gagging Dog was published in the 1980's and covered the punk scene in Arizona. Contents included news about local bands like Mighty Sphincter, Sun City Girls and Junior Achievement. Featured is an article about JFA's disaster-filled Summer '84 tour and interviews with Suicidal Tendencies and The Dicks. Also included are record reviews. Unique to Gagging Dog is the pictorial feature "Jump of the Month"; news photos of suicidal jumpers with accompanying short descriptions such as "Chickened Out", "Lost her nerve", "Deserted by wife", and "D.O.A.".

The full title on one cover of the zine is "The Revenge of the Ghost of the Son of Gagging Dog".