Gabba Gabba Gazette

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Gabba Gabba Gazette
Issue 7 March 1978
Cover art by Steve Levin

Gabba Gabba Gazette is thought to be the first punk zine to emerge in Chicago.

Produced by Mary Alice Ramel, who became the inspiration for the character 'Riff Randell' in the movie Rock ‘n’ Roll HIgh School. the zine was started in 1977 and was published until 1978.

The Assistant Editor was Jeanne Bukowski. The Art Editor was Steve Levin.

Contributors of writing included Noe Boudreau, Jeanne Genie, and Sharon Mesmer. Contributors of art work included Steve Levin, who did illustrations for most of the covers during the run of the title.

The zine covered bands such as Appliances, Blondie, Boomtown Rats, David Bowie, The Curse, The Dead Boys, Destroy All Monsters, Devo, The Diodes, Erasers, Robert Gordon, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Jam, David Johansen, Johnny and the G-Rays, Nick Lowe, The Modern Lovers, The Mumps, Pere Ubu, Iggy Pop, Popperz, The Ramones, The Real Kids, Lou Reed, The Residents, Secrets, The Sillies, Silver Abuse, Skafish, Patti Smith Group, The Suburbs, Talking Heads, Television, Tutu and the Pirates, and Link Wray.

Gabba Gabba Gazette was the house organ of La Mere Vipere, which was one of the first punk clubs in the nation and the coverage of the punk scene at the club and in Chicago was the primary focus.

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