Futurian War Digest

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Futurian War Digest is a science fiction and fantasy fanzine published in the UK by J. Michael Rosenblum.

Futurian War Digest first appeared in October of 1940. Thirty nine issues were published, the last appearing in March 1945.

Rosenblum had published two zines prior to this one: The Futurian and Psuedo-Futurian. Futurian War Digest incorporated both of these early zines.

Rosenblum was publishing during World War II against great odds, and is credited with keeping the UK sci-fi fandom community alive and being the main chronicler of events during this time. He was aided by American and Canadian fans; Forrest J. Ackerman, for instance, organized fans in the U.S. to shipped over unwanted paper to him to print on, since there was a shortage of paper in the UK during the war.

A number of 'firsts' are associated with this fanzine. Many fans released small magazines to be distributed with Futurian War Digest: approximately one hundred and seventeen fanzines by twenty one fans were stapled together with the fanzine, creating the first split zine. As well, in Vol 1 No 6, Leslie Croutch is noted for the first use of the phrase "fanzine" in a UK publication.

Contributors included Forrest J. Ackerman, Jack W. Banks, Loretta Beasley, Sidney Birchby, H. K. Bulmer, John F. Burke, Arthur Busby, John C. Craig, Leslie Croutch, Sidney Dean, E. Everett Evans, W.H. Gillings, Bob Gibson, J.T. Gibson, Ron Holmes, Hilda M. Johnson, Francis T. Laney, Bert Lewis, R.W. Lowndes, Edwin MacDonald, Richard G. Medhurst, E.Frank Parker, Julian Parr, James Parkhill Rathbone, Milton Rothman, Eric F. Russell, Doug Webster, Eric Williams, Don Wollheim. Cover Art work was done by R.L. Bradbury, D. Elder, Bob Gibson, Harry Turner and Arthur Williams.

Fanzines distributed with Futurian War Digest include The Bibliophan, British Fantasy Society Bulletin, Cosmos, Dark Shadows, Delerium Tremens, Fan Dance, Fantasy War Bulletin, The Fly in the Ointment, Galaxy, The Gentlest Art, He Said, Lampost, The Mighty Atom, Moonshine, Sands of Time, Science Fiction Fandom, Star Parade, Tin Tacks, Trivia, Voice of the Imagi-Nation, With the Archeologists, Zenith