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Fuck Ya was written, drawn and published by Adro in the small town of Wexford in Ireland.

Fuck Ya was written and put together between the months of April and July 2007. It is sold at d.i.y punk gigs by the I.N.F.Y collective for only fifty cents. It is being sold along side other zines in the distro World War VII, such as Blast Off and To Hell With It.


Fuck Ya is a perzine. It's sparingly filled with Adro's personal stories about who he is as a person. Although issue one is only 8 pages long the content is very personal and open. It is hand written, which was done with the desire to make the zine inviting and friendly. Not only is it full of writing but there is some art work as well.

Fuck Ya too was launched in November 2007.it still has its same principles as fuck ya, still a perzine but now it has fictional stories as well.

fuck ya all was released in december 2007 and the infy christmas gig.it is the 3rd installment of fuck ya.in this one its is about adro's trip to dublin and religion and cartoons.