Fuck The Tories

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Fuck The Tories Issue 4 (the top left corner where the title is has been removed by owner for display on online auction)

Fuck The Tories was a science fiction fanzine by Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds, Judith Hanna, Terry Hughes and Joseph Nichols.

Fuck The Tories was released in the 1980s, and was a tri-continental publication, with Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds representing Australia, Judith Kanna and Joseph Nichols the UK, and Terry Hughes, the U.S.A.

Contributors included Sherry Francis, Gwyneth Jones and Jimmy Robertson.

Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds also co-edited The Notional and, with Diane Bangsund, Rataplan. Terry Hughes was the Assistant Editor of Science Fiction Five Yearly.