Fred Woodworth

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Fred Woodworth is possibly the longest publishing zine editor still at it. Since 1969 Woodworth has published the internationally-known anarchist zine The Match from his home in Tuscon, AZ. The Match has consistently questioned authoritarian government, society, and religion since the magazine’s inception - computers, organized religion, the police, the U.S. Census, jury duty, and the bookselling industry are just a few of the institutions regularly disparaged in its pages. Woodworth is a collector of antique printing machinery and he puts his collection to regular use, beautifully hand-printing each issue himself.

Woodworth recently had to undergo major surgery. A plea went out throughout the zine and anarchist communities in July 2006 to help him out with donations since he's never had healthcare coverage. Woodworth can be contacted c/o The Match, Box 3012, Tucson, Arizona 85702, USA.