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Foulweather is Pete Lewis' self-publishing/ writing project started in 2005. Foulweather came out of the ashes of his previous project, 'Coming to Amerika.' CTA made it to four issues and largely documented Pete's move from Wales to Oregon, with emphasis on the Post 9-11 political climate and War on Terrorism, along with various short stories, poems and essays by Pete and several contributors.

Foulweather #1, largely focussed on the theme of colonialization with contributions from Max Macias, Hispanic activist and librarian and Palestinian film maker Saeed Farouky. Pete wrote an indepth essay on Nike's infiltration into skateboard culutre ( soon to be translated into Spanish), an essay on the film, 'The Battle Of Algiers' and an indpeth memoir entitled 'Confessions of a Guilty Expat' about his adolescence in Bahrain.

Pete is currently trying to solicit his novel 'Surrendering to the Undertow' and continues to work and expand upon 'Confessions of a Guilty Expat.'

Recently Pete has published two feature stories in enviromentally and politically conscious outdoor adventure magazine, WEND ( that discuss the relationship of activities such as Parkour and Skateboarding to radical urban theory.

Foulweather has a website[1] and Pete maintains and up to date blog[2]

Foulweather #1 is distrubuted online by Microcosm Publishing [3]