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Fly is a comic artist residing in New York City who contributes to zines.

Fly has contributed to a number of well-known zines. Fly's comic Zero Content was regularly published in Slug & Lettuce for a number of years. She also contributed comics to Cindy Ovenrack Crabb's Support Zine. She contributed a comic for the 25th Anniversary issue of Punk Magazine, and her artwork has been featured on the cover of Maximum Rock N Roll and Aaron Cometbus' novel, Double Duce. In 2003, a book of her portraits, called PEOPS, was published by Soft Skull Press.

Fly hosted the DIY Comix and Zine-Making Workshop at the Museum of Comics and Cartoons in New York City, and brought in guest speakers such as John Holstrom, co-editor of Punk Magazine.

Contributions to Zines