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Floss! was a science fiction fanzine by Lilian Edwards.

Lilian Edwards had previously done the fanzine Gloss with Victor Gonzalez, and when that zine ended she soon followed it up with Floss!

Floss! was published in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the early 2000s.

Ted White writes of Floss!, "Lilian Edwards has been putting out fanzines for around 20 years by now and has it down to a fine art."

Andy Hooper writes, "Lilian is a woman of many interests and appetites, and her fanzines typicallu feature the contemplation of one of more vices to which fan are prone.Half the pieces in Floss # 4 deal with sex and relationships in some fashion. I was most engrossed with Lilian's article titled 'My Vagina Monologue'."

Contributions of writing include "Barbie the Feminist" by Jae Leslie Adams (Wabe); convention reporting by James Bacon (Journey Planet); an appreciation of the band The Clash by Tony Keen; and Dale Speirs (Opuntia) on a visit to Canada by Lilian, as well as contributions by Tanya Brown, Randy Byers (Chunga), Richard Clegg, Tony Keen, Max, Ian Smith and Juliette Woods.

Also included are photos from conventions, cartoons by Dave Hicks and 4 pages of letters.