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Flipside fanzine was published from 1977 until the year 2000 out of Whittier and Pasadena, California. Flipside was one of the original, longest running, and most well-known punk zines. The fanzine was first published in August of 1977 by a group of friends (Al Kowalewski (a/k/a Al Flipside), Larry Lash, Pooch, Tory and X-8) that graduated from Whittier High School and it chronicled the early Los Angeles punk rock scene. The first issue was a hand-stapled quarter-page photocopied zine. By the late 1980s Flipside had grown to become a glossy-covered newsprint zine averaging well over 100 pages per issue and it's scope and distribution reached world-wide, although it never lost its LA focus. The zine folded due to financial problems caused by Rotz, it's main distributor, declaring bankruptcy while owing the zine a lot of money.

Each issue of Flipside contained columns, band interviews, record and zine reviews, Rodney Bingenheimer's top ten playlists and much more.

Flipside also released a number of video fanzines (compilation videos of live punk bands) and ran a very prolific record label.

In the 1990's Flipside hosted an annual desert show at Jawbone Canyon in the Mojave Desert. Notable bands who played at the show included Fugazi, Hawkwind, and The Offspring.

Al Kowalewski was the zine's publisher and editor thoughout it's entire span. Hudley Flipside was the co-owner with Al from 1979 to 1989.

Flipside staffers and contributors included Dean Ded, Dee, Hilda Unapproved, Gary Indiana, Dan Druff (a/k/a 3-D), Karl Markxs, Gus Hudson, Kirk "KRK" Dominguez, Danny Dean, Johnny Bubblegum, Stf, Bob Cantu, Joy Aoki, Blaze James, Joe Henderson, ShitEd (Ed Dawson), Mike Sullivan (a/k/a Thrashead), Gizz Lazlo, Ron Tidwell, Pookie, Martin McMartin, Katsuhiko "Katz" Seki, Thom Bone, "O," Mark Lee, Carlos A. Nunez (a/k/a Cake), Ken "All Night Rocker," Tim Stegall, Shane Williams (a/k/a "The RocknRoll Bankrobber"), Michele Flipside, and Todd Taylor,

Several ex-Flipside writers, including Todd Taylor, went on to start Razorcake.

Early Issues

1 - Published 8/28/77, print run of 100, interview with Eulogy, live reviews of The Quick and Devo, LA band gossip and news.

2 - Published October 1977, print run of 200, interviews with The Weasels and The Germs, live reviews of The Weirdos, Runaways, Skulls and more, letter from Rodney Bingenheimer, band news and info.

3 - Published November 1977, print run of 100, art oriented issue with poetry, flyer art, photos and collages.

4 - Published November 1977, print run of 300, interviews with The Weirdos and The Zippers, live reviews of The Avengers, Dils, X, Model Citizens, Dickies, Germs, Devo, Blondie, Bags and more.

5 - Published December 1977, print run of 300, interviews with The Spastics, Backstage Pass, Rodney Bingenheimer, live reviews of The Controllers, The Rippers, X, The Gods, The Clones, The Dead Boys, The Deadbeats, The Skulls, The Germs, The Mumps and many more.

6 - Published January 1978, print run of 400, interviews with The Zippers, Dave Trout (Weirdos), The Spastics, Rodney Bingenheimer and The Skulls, lots of live and record reviews.

Partial Issue Content Lisit

  1. 57, Fall 1988: Operation Ivy, Short Dogs Grow, The Ramones, Visual Discrimination, Electric Peace, Celebrity Skin, Frightwig, Crimpshrine, Mr. T Experience, L7, Forgotten Rebels, Blackbird, Sham 69
  2. 58, Winter 1989: GWAR cover, Aversion, The Crowd, Dave Markey, DRI, Flower Leperds, Government Issue, GWAR, Les Larmes, Miracle Workers, Pussy Galore, Sham 69, Social Distortion, Sonic Youth, The Undead
  3. 59, Spring 1989: All cover, JFA, Neurosis, Bad Religion, Unfourgiven, Dave Goodman, Penelope Houston from The Avengers, Lunachicks, Serial Killers, Rich Kids on LSD, No For An Answer
  4. 62, Fall 1989: Fugazi on the cover, Life Sentence, Nirvana, Pixies, Swiz, Government Issue, Taang Records, Sub Pop Records, Happy Mondays, Motorcycle Boy, Vision, Pygmy Love Circus, The Ramones, Haywire, Haunted Garage
  5. 63, Winter 1989: The Nymphs, Bootbeast, Cactus Fossils, Culture Shock, Die Happy, Excel, The Fluid, Hawkwind, Kings X, The Melvins, Motor Morons, Reason to Believe, Shonen Knife, 27 Devils Joking
  6. 64, Winter 1990: Poison Idea cover!, Buzzcocks, Das Damons, The Hardons, Keith Levene, Killing Time, Lubricated Goat, MDC, Outburst, Paper Tulips, Placebo Effect, Samiam, Yard Trauma
  7. 65, Spring 1990: The Weirdos cover, DYS / Dave Smalley, Helios Creed, Jello Biafra, Jesus and Mary Chain, Jesus Lizard, John Peel, Liquid Jesus, Sloppy Seconds, Sister Double Happiness, Tad, Voi Vod
  8. 66, May/June 1990: L7 cover, Big Drill Car, Steel Pole Bathtub, Green Day, Trash Can School, Babes in Toyland, Sativa Luv Box, Anus the Menace, Sheer Terror, Cadillac Tramps, Chi of SNFU, Thee Hypnotics
  9. 67, Jul-Aug 1990: Bad Religion cover, Coffin Break, Warlock Pinchers, Jack Brewer Experience, Surgery, Sandy Duncan's Eye, Psychic TV, Acid House, TVTVs, When Kids..., Pop Defect, Fuel, Jackson Saints, Mad Daddy's, Tender Fury
  10. 69, Nov/Dec 1990: Clawhammer cover, Angry Samoans, Babyland, Chumbawumba, The Dwarves, Eve Libertine, Thee Headcoats, Jackson Saints, Proudflesh, Shelter, Tony Montana, Urge Overkill, Viva Kenevil, Wild Stares
  11. 70, Jan/Feb 1991: Babes in Toyland cover, Bewitched, The Bosstones, Cringer, Einsturzende Neubauten, the Fixtures, Laughing Hyenas, Monsula, Riot Act, Shadow Project, Tar, Ultraviolet Eye, Vaginal Creme Davis
  12. 71 Mar/April 1991: Helmet cover, The Accused, Aggression, Born Against, The Fastbacks, Glycine Max, Hunger Farm, Killing Joke, Loompanics Unlimited, Skinny Puppy, Weather Bell, X
  13. 73, July/Aug 1991: The Cows cover, Bomb, Butthole Surfers, Four Non-Blondes, Hill of Beans, I Own the Sky, Jughead's Revenge, Lydia Lunch, The Melvins, Pigface, Positive Force, Rudi Protrudi, Some Velvet Sidewalk
  14. 74, Sept/Oct 1991: Slug cover, Ethyl Meatplow, Gibson Brothers, Gronge, Henry Rollings, International Pop Underground, Lifehouse, Lunachicks, Mecca Normal, the Muffs, Our Band Sucks, Pooh Sticks, Rail Road Jerk, Rudi Potrudi, Sharkbait, Total Chaos
  15. 75, Nov/Dec 1991: Jesus Lizard cover, Alice Donut, The Didjits, Fishead, The Gargoyles, Haunted Garage, The Humpers, Insect Surfers, Meatwagon, Rev. Norb from Sick Teen zine, Sick of It All, Smashing Pumpkins, Supercollider, Treponem Pal
  16. 76, Jan/Feb 1992: Sandy Duncan's Eye cover, Corrosion of Conformity, Distorted Pony, Jonestown, Les Thugs, Monomen, Pegboy, S.E.T., Shonen Knife, Superkools, Type-O Negative, White Flag, Yard Trauma
  17. 77, Mar/April 1992: Trash Can School cover, Das Klown, Drip Tank, The Dwarves, Electric Ferrets, Hole, Naked Aggression, Paul Bearer, Possum Dixon, Pressure Hed, Steelwool, Stinkerbell, Victims Family, Waldos, Wildman Fischer, Webb Wilder, Wool
  18. 78, May/June 1992: TVTV$ cover, Bill Cooper, Crackerbash, The Cramps, Fearless Leader, Green Day, Iowa Beef Experience, Leaving Trains, Nirvana, Oiler, Tommyknockers, Treehouse
  19. 79, Jul/Aug 1992: Babyland cover, Cheater Slicks, William Cooper, Dim Stars, F-Boyz, GG Allin, Harmless, Helmet, Manic Street Preachers, Pavement, Pay the Man, Psycho, The Red Aunts, Rocket from the Crypt, Thelonious Monster, Waldo the Dog Face Boy, White Zombie
  20. 80, Sep/Oct 1992: Bark Market, William Cooper, Cud, Frantic Puzzle, Front Line Assembly, Generator, Holy Water, Jesus Lizard, L7, Mega City Four, Permanent Green Light, Red Kross, S.E.T., 7 Year Bitch, Slideshow, Teco Vee's Hate Police, the Thing
  21. 81, Nov/Dec 1992: Falling James cover, Leaving Trains, Backbiter, William Cooper, D-Generation, Earl's Family Bombers, Entropy, Gas Huffer, Ministry, Mudhoney, The Pain Teens, Rudamentary Peni, Soul Asylum, Television, Vacant Lot
  22. 82, Jan/Feb 1993: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion cover, The Blisters, Buffalo Tom, Coma-tones, The Creamers, Daisy Chainsaw, God and Texas, Ken All Night Rocker, Lemonheads, Mooseheart Faith, Padded Cell, Samiam, Shoeface, Sonic Youth, Stanford Prison Experiment, This is Edwin, Tumbleweed, Undercity
  23. 83, Mar/Apr 1993: The Laughing Hyenas cover, ADZ, Babes in Toyland, Bean, Beck, Black Train Jack, Borax, Buck Pets, Dave Markey, Gallery X, Honk if You're Horny, Juke, Mark Rude, Mick Farren, Mr. Mirainga, Pocket Fisherman, Shonen Knife, Shudder to Thing, Twister Naked, Unrest, Voodoo Glow Skulls + Shonen Knife flexi!
  24. 84, Black Angels Death Song, Hazel, 360s, Bad Manners, Chuck Biscuits, Carter TUSM, Cell, Face to Face, Goo Goo Dolls, Legal Weapon, Pizz, Possum Dixon, Sammy Town, Superchunk, Sunset Strip, Tse Tse Fly, Wax, Ween, Robert Williams, Zipgun
  25. 85, July/Aug 1993: The Boredoms, 5,6,7,8's, Brutal Truth, Chaos UK, DOA, Down by Law, Egyptions, Embryonics, Faith Healers, The Fluid, The Gits, Gumball, Love Battery, Sub Pop Records, The Supersuckers, Tav Falco, Taz, UFO Expo, Lubricated Goat, Teengenerate, Star Pimp, New Fast Automatic Daffodils
  26. 86, Oct/Dec 1993: Pop Defect 3D cover, 68 Comeback, Aminature, Bobsled, Capitalist Casualties, The Fall, GG Allin, Impatient Youth, Jesse Tuesday, Kill Sybil, Kryptonite, Nixon, Olivia, Outsideinside, The Posies, The Poster Children, Rhythm Collision, Smugglers, Spindle, Tree People, Velocity Girl
  27. 87, Dec 1993/Jan 1994: The Humpers cover, Alloy, Assuck, Atoxxxico, Blanks 77, Clawhammer, Creedle, Dutchess DeSade, Fitz of Depression, Hanson Bros., The Hardons, Harmful if Swallowed, Monster Magnet, No Comment, Paw, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smears, Submachine, Urge Overkill
  28. 88, Feb/March 1994: Atomic 61, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Contra Guerra, Front 242, Monsterland, Out of Order, Parasites, Phantom Surfers, Psychotic Turnbuckles, Sawed Off, Stereolab, Sylvia Juncosa, Tsunami, Uncle Joe's Big 'Ol Driver, Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
  29. 89, April/May 1994: Cracker, Dropdead, Failure, Flop, Genitorturers, Godless, Greg Shaw, Hammerhead, Lucy's Fur Coat, Melvins, Nik Turner, Quicksand, Skull Control, Sluts for Hire, Supernova
  30. 90, Jun/July 1994: Satan's Cheerleaders, Anal Cunt, Battery Acid, Black Fag, Deadbolt, Dizbuster, Extra Fancy, Fluf, Girls Against Boys, Godheadsilo, Kerine Elkins, Kim Salmon, Laika & the Cosmonauts, Overwhelming Colorfast, Piss Factory, Possum Dixon, Rodan, Swamp Zombies
  31. 91, Aug/Sept 1994: Area 51, Bottomfeeders, Cynics, Euge, Feel Fuzzy, Fly Ashtray, KMFDM, Taz, Killdozer, Los Crudos, Motorcaster, Mousetrap, Naked Aggression, Sinkhole, Sugartooth, Tanner
  32. 93, Dec 1994/Jan 1995: Rancid cover, Elastica, Agent Orange, Babyland, Brutally Familiar, Butt Trumpet, Drag, Falling James Band, Guv'nor, Heavenly Hellbillies, Individual Fruit Pie, The Mad Daddys, Marilyn Manson, Moistboys, My Suicide, Pink Cross, The Pist, Sebadoh, The Smears, Truman's Water, Weed
  33. 94, Feb/March 1995: Boyracer, Cake, Cameltoe, Cub, Dennis Steckler, Garden Variety, Grey Spikes, Lutefisk, Red Five, Rattled Roosters, Ryders, Schleprock, They Might Be Giants, Unwritten Law
  34. 95, April/May 1995: First Annual Swimsuit Edition w/Funeral Oration flexi. Acid King, Dragons, Funeral Oration, Farflung, Haskells, Bill Lune, Meatwagon, Neptunas, Pop Will Eat Itself, Powder Monkeys, Dennis Steckler, Thinking Feller Union Local 282, Transistor Sister, Rob Younger
  35. 96, June/July 1995: Blood on the Saddle, Burning Groove, Candy Snatchers, Claw Hammers, Corrosion of Conformity, Bob Dobbs, Fallouts, Gain, Groovie Ghoulies, Haskells, Lee Karaim, Ted Kepley, Korn, Bill Lyne, Meathead, Nine Pound Hammer, Snair, Suede
  36. 97 Aug/Sept 1995: ADZ, Battalion of Saints, Bloody Mess and the Skabs, Chrome-moly Violets, Dickies, Everclear, Face to Face, Figdish, Gren, Grrr Meows, Krupted Peasant Farmerz, Living End, Lunachicks, Manic Hispanic, Punk Uprisings, Red # Nine, Reverend Al / Cacophony Society, Those Who Survived the Plague, Trenchmouth, Voodoo Glow Skulls
  37. 98 Oct/Nov 1995: Snap-Her, filmmaker Brad Vandenburgs, Blount, Bob Dobbs, Bottom Feeders, Cockeyed Ghost, Evil Stig, Grabbers, Inger Lorre, Leaving Trains, Listen Loudest, Offspring, Queers, Rev. Horton Heat, Scratch Bongwater, UK Subs
  38. 99 Dec 1995/Jan 1996: Anti-Flag, Celibate Rifles, Chixdigit, George Clinton, Bob Dobbs, Drags, Russ Kick, Minstrels, Paper Tulips, Andy Prieboy, Red Aunts, Rejuvenate, Scratch Bongowax, Silkworm, Supersuckers, Tiltwheel, Toadies, Tunnelmental, Turbonegro, Mike Watt
  39. 100 Feb/March 1996: 100 issue anthology, Joe Sparks and Pop Rocket, Joykiller, Torture King and Azeza, Alexis and Hello I'm a Truck, Caltranvestites, Cheeseburger, Feedtime, Paul Krassner, Mad Parade, Rugburns, Shakes, Society Gone Mad, Sugar Shack, Trailer Park Casanovas, Vermin from Venus, 1995 poll results, Sympathy Records centerfold girl
  40. 101 April/May 1996: US Bombs, Craig Baldwin, Clark Nova, Crotchet, Daredevils, Fighting Cause, Klasse Kriminale, Liar, David Mac, Ms. 45, Riot Gun, Royal Crowns, Scared of Chaka, 7 Seconds, Bruce Duff & Sister Goddamn, Spent Idols, Squat, Wingnut Supreme, Zappa tribute, Zeke
  41. 102 June/July 1996: Electric Frankenstein, Abe Lincoln Story, Ben Folds Five, The Business, Butt Trumpet, Regie Mentle, McRackins, Nomads, One Ton Shotgun, Rail, Dave Riley, Ridel High, Snap-Her, Straight Faced, Throw Rag, Van Gogh's Daughter, VKTMS, Zappa
  42. 103 Aug/Sept 1996: Man... Or Astro-Man?, Bob & Xenochrony, Buttsteak, Cobra Verde, Cast, David Cronenberg, Damnation, Flaping Lips, Gaia, J Church, Lungfish, Jeff Magnum, Prolapse, Psycho Drama, Stan Ridgway, Sluts for Hire, Stonefox, Toasters, Young Gods
  43. 104, Nov/Dec 1996: Tongue, Action Leage, At The Drive In, Biohazard, Bob Dobbs, Nigey Lennon, Blanks 77, Bruce Hamption, Chicken Hawks, Electric Hellfire Club, John Frankenheimer, Richard Hell, Karp, Romantic Gorilla, Rat Scabies, Scud, Season to Risk, Sex Pistols, Teen Idols, Pluto, VLA
  44. 103 Aug/Sept 1996: Man... Or Astro-Man?, Bob & Xenochrony, Buttsteak, Cobra Verde, Cast, David Cronenberg, Damnation, Flaping Lips, Gaia, J Church, Lungfish, Jeff Magnum, Prolapse, Psycho Drama, Stan Ridgway, Sluts for Hire, Stonefox, Toasters, Young Gods
  45. 106, Mar/Apr 1997: Sluts for Hire, Alehop Records, Asteroid B612, Bubby Girl, John Cale, Daddy Longhead, Dead End Kids, D-Generation, Bob Dobbs & David Brown Part 2, Dystopia One, FiFi, Flip Music Awards, Foxations, Monomen, Remains, Spahn Ranch, UK Subs
  46. 107, Jul/Aug 1997: NOFX cover, Billy Club, Billy Childish, The Crowd, Demolition Doll rods, Bob Dobbs, DSB, El Duce, Evaporators, Fixtures, Jim Hayes, Helios Creed, Bill Kaysing, Lee Harvey Oswald band, The Misfits, Neurotics, Screw 32, Whit Trash Debutantes
  47. 109, Nov/Dec 1997: Nashville Pussy cover, Bimbo Toolshed, Bid Ende, Bob Dobbs, Bosko the Tikiman, Comicon '97, Confederacy of Scum, Cosmic Psychos, Five Iron Frenzy, Galaxxy Chamber, Huntington Beach revisited, Ron Jeremy, Ron Ladd, NRA, Pennywise, Prissteens, Rocket from the Crypt, Shoegazer, Sick of it All, Sinisters, Sissyface, Spastic Colon
  48. 110, Jan/Feb 1988: Blue Meanies, Racist Cartoons, Chrome Cranks, Darkling Thrush, Delerium, Diatribe, Bob Dobbs, Harmony Korine, Maximum Rocknroll, Millencolin, Padded Cell, Notorious Productions, Pretty Boy Floyd, REO Speed Dealer, Servotron, Smash Mouth, Third Grade Teacher, Oliver Stone
  49. 111, Mar/Apr 1988: Agnostic front cover, the Black Dahlia, Hadd Brooks, Doug "Dooger" Cawker, Dirtys, Discount, Drags, Fun, Guitar Wolf, Markey Ramone and the Intruders, The Jimmies, The Saints, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Skeleton Key, Saint James Infirmary, Stool Pidgeons, Heather Woodbury, Zen Guerilla
  50. 112, May/June 1988: Tribe 8 cover, Blackhouse, B-Movie Rats, Bow Wow Wow, The Damned, Dropkick Murphys, Front Line Assembly, Hadda Brooks, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Johnny Legend, Lemmy Kilmister, Momus, Pegboy, Snuff, Summerjack, Sweet Diesel, SXSW, The Toy Dolls
  51. 113, Jul/Aug 1988: ADZ cover, 10-96, Bad Religion, Chixdiggit, Kurt Cobain's murder, Mike Diana, Dimestore Haloes, DOA, Gaza Strippers, Headhunting, Hormones, Jack Killed Jill, Sammy Masters, Pushers, Snuka, Adam Thrasher
  52. 114, Sept/Oct 1998: Damnation cover, All, Avail, Bad Religion, Crusaders, Dead Lazio's Place, Eyehategod, H20, John Chan and the New Dynasty Six, LTX Commune, Lords of Chaos, Machine, Gary Numan, Pleasure Fuckers, Stratford Mercenaries, X-It
  53. 116, Jan/Feb 1999: Dillinger Four cover, Buck, Dr. Strange, Flat Duo Jets, Gotohells, Brian GTA, Misconduct, Mudhoney, Quadrajets, DeeDee Ramone, Roller, Henry Rollins, Mike Rozon, Subsonics, United Anarchist Front
  54. 119, Jul/Aug 1999: The Bellrays cover, Davie Allan, Head Line Records, Justice Howard, Daniel Johnston, Jucifer, Limp, the Loudmouths, Nextstep, Raw Power, Randumbs, Ricanstruction
  55. 120, Sep/Oct 1999: Hot Water Music, At The Drive In, Blood Axis, the Groovie Ghoulies, the Hookers, Inger Lorre, Leatherface, Mongoloid, Trial of the Molly Maquires, Queens of the Stone Age, Six Inch Killaz, Suburban Voice zine, The Von Zippers
  56. 122, Jan/Feb/Mar 2000: Boris the Sprinkler, Chokebore, Coyote Men, Gehenna, Hammerlock, Kontraattaque, The Make Up, Rev. Norb, Revelation, Chris Spedding, Tiltwheel, Type O Negative, What Happens Next?

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