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[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:California Zines]]
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[[Category:1970's publications]] [[Category:1980's publications]] [[Category:1990's publications]]

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Flipside fanzine was published from 1977 until the year 2000 out of Los Angeles, California. Flipside was one of the original, longest running, and most well-known punk zines. The fanzine was first published in August of 1977 by a group of friends that graduated from Whittier High School and it chronicled the early Los Angeles punk rock scene. The first issue was a hand-stapled quarter-page photocopied zine. By the late '80s Flipside had grown to become a glossy-covered newsprint zine averaging well over 100 pages per issue and it's scope and distribution reached world-wide, although it never lost its LA focus. The zine folded due to financial problems caused by Rotz, it's main distributor, declaring bankruptcy while owing the zine a lot of money.

Flipside also released a number of video fanzines (compilation videos of live punk bands) and ran a very prolific record label.

Al Kowalewski (AKA Al Flipside) was the zine's publisher and editor thoughout it's entire span. A number of ex-Flipside writers went on to start Razorcake.

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