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*''Cover Stories'' (2005)
*''Cover Stories'' (2005)
*''KART: Magazine Of Multiplicity''
*[[KART: Magazine Of Multiplicity]]

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Field Study International (1993-) is a neo-fluxus group with it’s roots in mailart, conceptual art and ideas on the fringes. The group is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

In 1997 Field Study International split in two; one half emigrated to the sun with David Dellafiora and became FSI (Australia) while Benedict Hislam took the other half to Leeds in the North of England and established thus the Field Study Northern Academy.

The group describes itself as follows:

"Field Study originates from a decision made in 1993 to reclaim the negatve spaces on a C.V. i.e. the gaps. By reclaiming these gaps, time is understood as being whole and continuous - this we call the ' The Field '. Thoughts formulated from data from the Field are termed ' Field Study '. Activities stemming from Field Study become ' Emanations ' and group Emanations resulting in events etc. are known as ' Manifestations ' , returning full circle back into the Field."


  • Liverpool Project (8 Dec 2003 - 22 Jan 2004)
  • Anger Project
  • The Study


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