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Femme Flicke was a zine created by Tina Spangler and published in Cambridge, MA.

The first issue was published in the summer of 1993 and, as the title suggests, focused on women and film, with a special emphasis on independent filmmakers. Featured are interviews with Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Sarah Jacobson, Jim Spellman (of Velocity Girl), Rebecca Gates (of The Spinanes), Mary Timony (of Helium), G.B. Jones, Jim McKay, and Cheryl Dunne. Some of the better known directors whose work is discussed include Gillian Armstrong, Maya Deren, Dorothy Azner, Agnes Varda, Chantal Ackerman and others.Other topics include reviews of films and film books, the death of River Phoenix, Clara Bow, music videos, animation, The Big Miss Movieola project by Miranda July, and spotlights on movies such as "Girls Town", "Heveanly Creatures", "Kids", "Orlando' and others.

Seven issues of Femme Flcke were produced. Contributors included Jim McKay, Erica Cho, Kevin Flansburg, Lucy Thane, Jenny Rogers, Matthew Fauver, Lucie Chan, Lenn Keller, and many others. During its run, it offered support for many independent directors just starting out and offered a platform for their films to be read about, and was responsible in part for fostering the DIY film scene of the 90's.