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* [[Jonathan Messinger]]
* [[Jonathan Messinger]]
* [[Brian Costello]]
* [[Brian Costello]]
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== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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featherproof books is an independent publisher founded in 2005 by Jonathan Messinger and Zach Dodson, publishing full-length works of fiction and a series of self-contained, downloadable short stories called mini-books. It has published books by Brian Costello, Todd Dills and Samia Saleem. Messinger's Hiding Out is scheduled for October, 2007.

featherproof is distributed by Publishers Group West.


Mini-books are a series of self-contained short stories published periodically. These stories are printed on ordinary paper by the reader and folded into pocket-sized books. The books and their instructions can be found for free at the Featherproof books website. Their free distribution is entirely dependent on readers' D.I.Y. production of the mini-books themselves. The complete collection is archived in the Chicago Underground Library.


The Enchanters vs. Sprawlburg Springs by Brian Costello (January 2006)
Sons of Rapture by Todd Dills (September 2006)
Degrees of Separation edited by Samia Saleem (July 2007)
Hiding Out by Jonathan Messinger (October 2007)

Mini-book Authors

featherproof has published mini-books by:

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