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Fatcheeks distro (2002-2006) was an Australian zine distro, was founded by Sandra D. in a bedroom in Perth, Western Australia. After a few quiet years, distro and owner picked up and moved to Sydney, where it grew to be one of the biggest zine distros after the demise of Smitten Kitten and Vox Populis distros.

Two years later, the distro moved back to Perth, where it currently resided until closing in 2006. It is still one of the biggest Australian distros, though that's not really anything to be chuffed about as Australian distros are few and far between.


fatcheeks accepts zines from all over the world for consideration. Erotica, photography, art, novellas and perzines are all welcomed. The flavours of the moment are comics and travel zines. If ever in doubt, shoot an email or send it in anyways.

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