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Farm Pulp has been sporadically published by Gregory Hischak since 1990. Hischak began publishing it upon moving from Cincinnati, OH to Seattle, WA. The zine began with design taking precedence; Hischak borrowed most of his text and artwork from other, often old and out of print publications. As the zine progressed, it grew more complex in theme, structure and content, and featured Hischak's elaborate fiction and satire.

In a 1992 interview with the The Stranger, Hischak said of his early issues, "Originally, text was just a block; it was gray-scale art that I could fill areas with. I started getting bored with that format, so instead of stealing text, I started writing my own. It seemed quicker that way. I became a typographer first, and then a writer."

Farm Pulp issues have used a number of themes and ideas over the years, from discussions about publishing and long arm staplers to those about the letters between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo. An excerpt from the zine was featured in The Factsheet Five Zine Reader.

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