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[[Category:1970's publications]]
[[Category:1970's publications]]
[[Category:One Shot Zines]]
[[Category:Science Fiction Zines]]
[[Category:Science Fiction Zines]]

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Fanthology 76 is a science fiction anthology edited by Victoria Vayne.

Fanthology 76 is a collection of writing and art published in fanzines in 1976. It was published in 1977.

Fanthology 76 includes writing by Grant Canfield, Lee Hoffman, Leroy Kettle, Tom Perry (Quark), Bob Shaw, Lou Stathis, Mae Strelkov, and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie, Science Fiction Newsletter).

Aso included is art work by Jim Barker, Grant Canfield, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Reed Waller, and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Victoria Vayne is the editor of Simulacrum and co-editor, with Taral Wayne, of DNQ.

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