Fanthology 75

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Fanthology 75 is a fan anthology edited and published in 1976 by Bruce D. Arthurs.

Fanthology 75 was a 100 page mimeographed publication released in an edition of 250 copies.

Contributors to this fanzine, in order of appearance, are: Bruce D. Arthurs (with an introduction), Dainis Bisenieks, John Kusske, John Brosnan (Big Scab), Dave Jenrette (Tabebuian), Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Donn Brazier (Farrago), Jeff Schalles (Rune, Science Fiction Five Yearly), Robert Bloch, D. Carol Roberts, Bill Fesselmeyer, Susan Wood (Energumen, Aspiditra, Amor), Dave Locke, Gene Wolfe, Mike O’Brien, Dave Hulan, John Kusske, David Miller, Henry Holtzmann, Ed Cagle, James White and Phil Foglio (with a 1-page comic strip).

Front cover and interior art is by Alexis Gilliland.