Fantasy Fiction Telegram

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Fantasy Fiction Telegram was a science fiction fanzine edited by John V. Baltadonis, Robert Madle, Nilton A. Rothman and Oswald Train.

The first issue of Fantasy Fiction Telegram appeared in October 1936. Four issues were released, the last in January 1937. Later, Baltadonis released the fifth issue, that had been left partially completed at the time, for the Fantasy Amateur Press Association. This was the official organ of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. This was the entrance into science fiction fandom of what was to become an influential and prominent group of fans.

Contributors to issue 2 include Melvyn Milne, Milton Rothman, Oswald Train, and Donald Wollheim (The Phantagraph),

Contributors to issue 4 included Douglas Blakely, Charles H. Bert, Bernard Quinn, Milton Rothman and Oswald Train.