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The Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA) was founded by Donald Wollheim in 1937. It was the first science fiction Amateur Press Association and was initially designed to be a method for distributing fanzines to as many interested readers as possible. Early FAPAns included Forrest J Ackerman, Myrtle Douglas (Morojo), Harry Warner, Jr., John B. Michel, and Jack Speer.

At times, there have been long waiting lists to join. During the peak of APAs in the 1960s, there was a three-plus year waiting list and many people dropped off the waiting list before they made it to the active roster. In recent years, membership has dropped to the point where there are fewer than forty members.

Many significant zines were released through FAPA, including Horizons, Light, Trial & Air, Fantasy Commentator and SaFari.

Over the years, many significant members of science fiction fandom have been members, including Karen Anderson, David Kyle, Walter Coslet, Leslie Croutch, Bill Donaho, Georgina Ellis, Dean Grennell, Bruce Pelz, and Art Widner.

Current FAPA members include Robert Lichtman, Milt Stevens, Steve Green, Ben Indick, R-Laurraine Tutihasi, Robert Silverberg, Art Widner, Fred Lerner, Dale Speirs, Keith Walker and Curt Phillips.

List of FAPA Zines

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