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Fantasque was a small press publication devoted to weird fiction, science fiction, horror, gothic, fantasy and surrealistic fiction edited by Pam Chillemi-Yeager and John Davies.

Fantasque was first published in January 1999 in Lititz, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. The last issue was #6, published in Spring 2002.

Contributors of fiction to Fantasque included Kim Antieau, Lawrence Barker, Paul Bates, Daniel C. Bonasky, Hertzan Chimera, Kevin Corcoran, Jim DeWitt, Suzanne Donahue, Stefano Donati, Greg F. Gifune, Ken Goldman, P.K. Graves, Christopher Hivner, Anthea Holland, Gerald Daniel Houarner, Deborah Hunt, Charlee Jacob, Michael Kelly, Suzi Kosturin, Michael Laimo, Charles Richard Laing, Tim Lebbon, D.F. Lewis, Barbara Malenky, Mark McLaughlin, Carlton Mellick, III, Mario Kesh Navar, Michael Malefica Pendragon, Phyllis Pyle, Ken Rand, D.M. Recktenwalt, Mark Rich, Robert Richards, John Rosenman, David A. Ross, Hope Saxton, D. Joseph Schaff, Vera Searles, Andie W. Squires, Douglas M. Stokes, Scott Urban, David Valentino, W.B. Vogel, Clay Waters, and Paul Wilson.

Contributors of poetry included Nancy Bennett, Lida Broadhurst, G.O. Clark, Dylan Crouch, Sandra DeLuca, Corrine De Winter, Kevin Donihe, Kendall Evans, Jack Fisher, Al Gendernalik, John Grey, K.S. Hardy, Randy Mawer, Kurt Newton, Michael Pendragon, Karen R. Porter, William P. Robertson, Betty J. Silconas, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, John Urbancik, William John Watkins, and Louise Webster

Also featured were interviews with Kim Antieau, Douglas Clegg, D.F. Lewis, Jeffrey Thomas and Jason Torrey.

Cover art work was by John Davies (#1), Dave Fode (#2), Kyle Miller (#3), Donald W. Schank (#4), and Jeffrey Thomas (#5), and Nicole Jakub (#6).