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Fan Artisan Issue One 1948

Fan Artisan was a science fiction fanzine edited by Jerri Bullock and Russ Manning in the U.S.A. and published by Fantasy Artisans in 1948.

Both editors were members of Fantasy Artisans, a correspondence club for fans interested in fantasy and science fiction artwork. Members included Bullock and Manning as well as Ken Brown, Jon Grossman, Bill Kroll and later, Frank Dietz. They exchanged information about drawing techniques, stencilling, as well as offering critiques of each other work, and information about requests from fanzine editors for art. Fan Artisans was the first publication to come from the club.

Both editors were contributors of art work to other fanzines. Jerri Bullock had previously contributed cover art to Fantastic Worlds, Loki and Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction; Russ Manning had been featured in The Fanscient, Fantasy Advertiser, Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction and Scientifantasy. Fan Artisan was primarily devoted to art work.

Manning went on to do the art work for comics, including Dell Comics, and returned to science fiction with the comic series, "Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D." After this, he did the Tarzan daily comic strip for United Features Syndicate. His last work was on the "Star Wars" comic.

One issue of Fan Artisan appeared before Russ Manning went back to college and Jerri Bullock decided to incorporate the zine with the photo offset printed Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, which became the official organ of The Fantasy Artisans Club in October, 1948. The second issue of Fan Artisan appeared as a split zine with the third issue of Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. The fourth issue of Science, Fantasy and Fiction incorporated Fan Artisan, which then no longer existed as a separate publication.

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