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FanFare Issue 8 cover by Roy Hunt and Damon Knight

FanFare was a science fiction fanzine published by Art Widner in the 1940s, and co-edited with Francis Paro and Henry Earl Singleton.

FanFare was published from 1940 till 1943, and 10 issues were released during that time. It was a hektographed publication of around 28 pages. It was the official publication of the Boston Science Fiction Association, "The Stranger Club".

Contributors included Forrest J. Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Will Bryant, Louis Russell Chauvenet, Virginia Combs, Joseph Gilbert (The Southern Star), Howard Gott, Damon Knight - writing as himself and as Ritter Conway, Harry Jenkins, Jr. (Jinx), H.C. Koenig, Robert W. Lowndes, Ray Martinuk, Jack Chapman Miske (Scienti-Snaps, Bizarre), Sam Moskowitz (Helios), Laetaz U. Sewell, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie) and Harry Warner, Jr. (Spaceways).

Contributing artists include Bob Jones, Damon Knight and Roy Hunt (The Alchemist). The cover of issue 8 featured a portrait of Cthulhu by both artists.

Earl Singleton published the fanzine Nepenthe later in the 1940s. Art Widner went on to do the fanzine YHOS.

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