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Fan-Tods is a science fiction fanzine by Norman F. Stanley.

Fan-Tods, subtitled "The Magazine for the Tod Fan", appeared in the 1940s, and was edited and published by Stanley in Rockland, Maine, U.S.A.. It was mimeographed using blue ink. Issue 1 appeared in 1942, #7 in 1944, #11 in 1945, #17 in 1948, #18 in 1949. Issue 19 was published in 1952, and was the last issue. Fan-Tods was an Apazine, distributed through FAPA (Fantasy Amateur Press Association) and VAPA.

Cover illustrations were by Rosco E. Wright (Beyond), among others.

Contributions included an article on AE van Vogt's The World of Null A, by Thomas S. Gardner, a reply by John W. Campbell, Jr., and a rejoiner by Gardner. Other contributors included Louis Russell Chauvenet (Bonfire).

Letters came from Al Ashley (Nova, Leslie Croutch (Light), and Ron Lane (Gemini).

Jack Speer's 1944 poll of the top fifteen fans found Fan-Tods to be among the top 5 fanzines.