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*[http://www.fallofautumn.com/quarterly/FAQ-002.pdf Download Issue 2 PDF]
*[http://www.fallofautumn.com/quarterly/FAQ-002.pdf Download Issue 2 PDF]
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[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Illinois Zines]] [[Category:Journal]]

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Fall of Autumn Quarterly #1

The Fall of Autumn Quarterly (FAQ) is a free publication by the Fall of Autumn distro. The zine is half journal - featuring articles, interviews and zine reviews - and half paper catalog for their distro.

Issue 1

The first issue was printed in September of 2006 for an October release. The journal section featured a piece called Plagiarists, Stalkers and Other Headfuckery by Nine of if destroyed still true zine.

Each issue is available for free by request from the Fall of Autumn site.

Issue 2

Fall of Autumn Quarterly #2

The second issue was printed in January of 2007. The journal section featured an editorial by Anne Elizabeth Moore, a piece about the holidays by Rose White and an editorial by Aaron Cynic.

Issue 2 was the first to be available as a free PDF in addition to the print copies distributed.

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