Fag School

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Fag School was a zine by Brontez released in the 2000's in Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Fag School featured interviews with Alvin Orloff, the author of Gutter Boys; the bands Scream Club, and The Husbands, a photo essay of Brontez's band Young 'n' Hung, and features such as the Fag School Coloring contest, a photo essay entitled "The Life of a Totally Fab Go-Go Boy!...can be yours!", an article on the film Arcade Trade by Samara Halperin, starring Ari Fay-Long and Brontez, and an advice column called "Ask Allison" by Allison Wolfe.

Previous to fag School, Brontez published Schlepp Fanzine.