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Eyeball Burp Cover artist Tina Tae

Eyeball Burp is a bi-annual artzine, curated by artists A'misa and Alex Chiu.

Since 2008, through a mirage of events, Eyeball Burp has functioned as forum and soapbox for Los Angeles-based and international artists to showcase their art, message, and voice. Eyeball Burp is a black and white xeroxed publication with illustrations, collage, photography, writing and comix as the meat of the content.

Featured artists have included Scott Aicher, Heather Brosche, Alex Chiu, Hyo Davis, Theo Ellsworth, Hellen Jo, Keenan Keller, Nick Knudson, Daisuke Okamoto, Yumi Sakugawa, Leah Stephens, and John Thomason.

Eyeball Burp also functions as a blog and artbook press. With innovation, intuition and imagination at the core of creation, Eyeball Burp strives to publish beyond the current art trends.

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