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Etherline was an Australian science fiction fanzine published in two series, the first covering issues 1-100 was released between 1953 and 1958, and the second, Etherline II beginning in 1968.

From 1953 till 1958,Etherline was published in Melbourne by Lee Harding, Dick Jennson, Race Matthews, and Mervyn Binn, who were joined later by Ian Crozier and Kevin Whelahan, and were all members of the Melbourne Science Fiction Group. The fanzine was made possible through the auspices of the "Amateur Fantasy Publication".

Race Matthews writes, "Etherline - a newszine produced largely on a collective basis - established what may well have been a record for the fan publishing circles of the day, by appearing regularly at fortnightly intervals for 100 issues, from 1953 until 1958.

At the same time Race Matthews was also publishing Bacchanalia.

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