Ethel the Aardvark

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Ethel the Aardvark
Issue 66
Cover art by Dave Sim

Ethel the Aardvark is the fanzine of the the Melbourne Science Fiction Club.

Pulbished in Melbourne, Australia.

The name was chosen by its first editor, Michael Wauchope. Other editors have included: James Allen, Louise Angrilli, Sue Ann Barber, Alison Barton and Jon Swabey, Ian A. Chapman, Damian Christie, Paul Ewins, Ian Gunn, Nalini Haynes, Christopher Johnstone, Edward McArdle, Paula McGrath, Murray MacLachlan and Natalie MacLachlan, Emilly McLeay, Richard Mordern, Sam Rooney, Peter Ryan, Alan Stewart.

Editors in the 1990s included Alan Stewart 1990-1992; Paul Ewins 1992-1996; Ian Gunn 1997-1998.

Editors in the 2000s included Sue Ann Barber (Three-Eyed Frog,Oscillation Overthruster) in 2005.

Editors in the 2010s include: Murray Maclachlan and Natalie MacLachlan in 2010; Peter Ryan and Richard Mordern in 2015; Edward Mc Ardle in 2017.

Cover artists have included Ian Gunn, Ditmar "Dick" Jenssen (Perhaps) (#150, #151), Carol Kewley, Richard Mordern, Steve Scholz, Dave Sim (#66, #116), Jon Swabey, and Phil Wlodarczyk.

Contributing writers included Ian Gunn, Danny Heap, Christopher Johnstone, Karen Pender-Gunn, Phil Pribaz, and Glen Tilley, among others.

Letters have come from Lloyd Penney, among others.

Andy Hooper, in his review for Apparatchik #71, of December 1996, writes, "Boy, this is a hell of a clubzine. There's only a little of that dead-boring club business that afflicts most clubzines, and even that is kind of fascinating . . , how are members of the MSFC assigned their member numbers? Is there competition for cool numbers like six and nine and 42 when they come open due to the failure of a member to pay their dues? I'm especially impressed with generous sprinkling of contributors photographs, and the rather racy cover by Steve Scholz is very eye-catching as well. Big features include a number of peoples' memories of Aussiecon II, a nice listing of fannish web-sites by Karen Pender-Gunn, and probably the most vehement anti-Star Trek diatribe I've seen outside of a Scott Patri fanzine in the past five years. Editor Paul Ewins says this is his last issue; I hope someone will take up the reins for him, as I'd hate to stop getting this zine right after finally joining the mailing list. "

Ethel the Aardvark has won the Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine twice: in 1990 and 1994.

Louise Angrilli was also co-editor of Australian Zine Resources.

Editor Alan Stewart also was an editor of Thyme.

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