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Eric Blair was born in the fall of 1982, though no one is entirely sure why. In a futile attempt to give his life meaning he co-created the local Salt Lake City publication Chiaroscuro. He is also a member of the experimental music trio The Samuel Powers Rhythm 3. He is expected to die of liver failure.

Eric Blair

Eric Blair performed spoken word at the 2005 Dark Arts Festival and Cabaret Voltage. As one member of The S.P.R.3 he has also performed at Salt Lake's all-ages venue Kilby Court. He has a tendency to have his microphone cut, sometimes it's on purpose.

He enjoys making background pages as much as he enjoys writing for Chiaroscuro. He is about to be published in the 4th issue of the "it takes all kinds" zine. He dreams of being published in Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens" someday. Depending on when you ask him he may or may not still be in love with somebody who may or may not still exist.

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