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Eric Blair was born in the fall of 1982, though no one is entirely sure why. In a futile attempt to give his life meaning he co-created the local Salt Lake City publication Chiaroscuro. He is also a member of the experimental music trio The Samuel Powers Rhythm 3. He is expected to die of liver failure.

Eric Blair

When he conspired with his co-creator of Chiaroscuro he decided to take Eric Blair as his pen name. He had used the name as a character name previously, the story was about a man who believed himself to be a spy/assassin though he was in fact just a pathetic imaginative junky and was told from the perspective of a girl who took care of him and met him through his occasional job as a substitute teacher.

Eric Blair performed spoken word at the 2005 Dark Arts Festival and Cabaret Voltage. As one member of The S.P.R.3 he has also performed at Salt Lake's all-ages venue Kilby Court. He has a tendency to have his microphone cut, sometimes it's on purpose.

He enjoys making background pages as much as he enjoys writing for Chiaroscuro. He does not remember a few hours of yesterday. He is still in love.

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