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Enchanted Times by Su Mwamba

Enchanted Times was first published in 2009. It is an ongoing series of A5 (/half-size) zines written by Su Mwamba, featuring revisionist short story versions of traditional fairy tales and other related features.

The Enchanted Times Mini zine is released at random intervals between issues, featuring previews of and alternative perspectives on the stories to be featured in the next full-size edition. The short stories/flash fiction tend to veer from the traditional happy ending while the supplementary features and Mini editions are of a more light-hearted nature.

The Enchanted Times has also spawned a number of additional related mini-zines including Once Upon a Haiku and the Goblin Market Coupon Book (featuring fictional ads & offers from Enchanted Times sponsors).

Enchanted Times

#1 (November 2009)
FREE GIFT Pre-enchanted needle and thread
PROJECT Baba Yaga Intuition Doll kit
PROJECT Baba Yaga Escape kit, pre-enchanted tags
PROJECT Princess and the Pea cross stitch chart
PROJECT Red Riding Hood cross stitch chart - adapted from illustration by Jennie Harbour
STORY Baba Yaga Still at Large
STORY Lost and Found - the Princess and the Pea revisited
STORY Look Before You Leap - the Frog Prince revisited
OTHER Letters to the Editor
OTHER Small ads
#2 (August 2010)
FREE GIIFT Pre-enchanted nettle yarn
PROJECT Six Swans / DIY weaving loom postcard
EDITORIAL Big Bad Wolf / Judging a Book by its Cover
INTERVIEW Cinderella Sweeping, Cinderella's Weeping
STORY The Ugliest Duckling
STORY Splinter Part 1 (piecework)
OTHER The Mirror book review supplement
OTHER Letters to the Editor
OTHER Small ads
#3 (May 2011)
FREE GIFT Magic beans
PROJECT Hansel & Gretel in cross stitch
PROJECT 'The millet reached the sky' - a counted thread embroidery pattern
STORY Always pay the piper - the Pied Piper of Hamelin's 'confession'
STORY Just Desserts - a melange of the Gingerbread Man and Hansel & Gretel tales
FEATURE He said, she said - Red Riding Hood witness statements sourced by guest reporter Penelope Harris, plus illustration by Holly Mitchell
OTHER Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Plan - gingerbread recipe & fictional advertisement feature
OTHER Runaway Snack Attack - an open letter from the Magical Objects Restoration Society, forwarded by Onyx Mail Services
OTHER The Mirror book review supplement
OTHER Small ads

ET#3 was also released in a black & white edition, without the Magic Beans free gift.

Enchanted Times Mini by Su Mwamba: #3.5 set

Enchanted Times Mini

#0.5 - peas in our time (July 2011)
EDITORIAL announcement of the royal engagement including
first public appearance of the bruised Princess
a warning from the Enchantments Protection Agency regarding a proliferation of blemish agents on the black marketplace
a few words with the Queen's Gardener, Herr Mendel, about varieties of Pea
PROJECT revised chart for Princess & Pea cross stitch pattern previously available in Enchanted Times #1
OTHER Small ad from an Enchanted Times sponsor
#2.5 - the sweetest thing? (November 2011)
EDITORIAL addressing such issues as:
the Gingerbread Man's reputation as a potential psychopathic killer
the Fast-As-You-Can Courier Company's practice of rehabilitating escaped Gingerbread Men
Hans & Greta March's growing 'monopoly' of the Enchanted Realms' commercial sector
first public appearance of the bruised Princess
OTHER free sachet of Fast-As-You-Can CoCo Cocoa
OTHER reading list of homicidal gingerbread in fiction
#3.5 vol. i - Spin! (June 2011)
FEATURE A letter to the Queen from Mr R. Stiltskin's solicitor regarding non-payment of bill for services
OTHER Small ads from Enchanted Times sponsors offering related services
printed on recycled paper embedded with flecks of golden straw
#3.5 vol. ii - Cover up! (July 2011)
FEATURE Reprint of postcard received from an Enchanted Times reporter on location in the Big City, including a heavily censored message regarding a scandal involving the Emperor
EDITORIAL A consideration of the corrupt practices of City Bureaucracy
OTHER Small ads from Enchanted Times sponsors
#3.5 vol. iii - Express delivery! (July 2011)
FREE GIFT A mini-sheet of Enchanted Realms postage stamps/labels (mail art)
EDITORIAL A special edition announcing the Enchanted Express Mail Services (EEMS) decision to make Enchanted Realms postage stamps available cross-border into the real world & consideration of EEMS' potentially controversial sponsorship deals
FEATURE Design notes on the new Enchanted Realm postage stamps
OTHER Small ads from Enchanted Times sponsors
#3.5 vol. iv - A Fair Exchange (December 2011)
FEATURE STORY A full length, limited edition preview from forthcoming ET#4
OTHER Small ads from Enchanted Times sponsors
printed on recycled paper embedded with flecks of golden straw
#3.5 vol. v - Upon Reflection (January 2012)
EDITORIAL An investigation into reports of Truth-Be-Told mirror malfunctions with case studies relating to the Snow Queen, the Emperor (& his New Clothes), and Snow White
OTHER Small ads from Enchanted Times sponsors
OTHER The search continues for "a man of diminutive stature described as "ugly, bandy-legged, and with an unpronounceable name"

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