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Emerald City is a science fiction fanzine by Cheryl Morgan.

134 issues of Emerald City appeared during its run. The first issue was released September 1995. As of issue 17, it began to be released exclusively on its own Emerald City website. Emerald City consisted of convention reports, essays on science fiction, extensive book reviews, film reviews.

Contributors included Sandy Auden, R. Scott Bakker, Stuart Carter, Matthew Cheney, John Clute, Hal Duncan, Joe Gordon, Mario Guslandi, John Hertz, Victoria Hoyle, Lucy Kemnitzer, Farah Mendlesohn, Juliet E. McKenna, Karina Meerman, Anne KG Murphy, Debbie Notkin, Karen Traviss, Jeff VanderMeer, Gary K. Wolfe, Peter Wong and Frank Wu.

Interviews included Tim Powers by John Shirley, and Michael Butterworth, John Coulthart and Kris Guidio (Savoy Books), Pete Crowther (PS Publishing), Marc Gascoigne (Black Library), Gavin Grant and Kelly Link (Small Beer Press), Ben Jeapes (Big Engine), Deborah Layne and Jay lake (Wheatland Press), and Sean Wallace (Prime Books) interviewed by Cheryl Morgan.

Emerald City won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 2004.

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