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Elizabeth J. M. W. (born July 14, 1983) is a zine editor and photographer. She lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where she was born, but has also lived in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Toronto, Ontario.

In January 2003 she printed the first issue of 398. There have been ten issues released, as of May 2009. Elizabeth has also made the one-shot zines The Woods the World Forgot and The Secret Adventures of Library Pages. She is also the editor/creator of the compzine Excerpts from Perzines, of which there have been two issues. Her most recent zines have been three issues of her photography project titled Dresses in the Garden at Midnight. Other writings and photography have been published in various zines and websites.

In October 2005 and February 2006 Elizabeth helped teach a zine workshop to the teen group at her local library.

All available zines from Elizabeth J. M. W. can be found at the etsy store Petits Poissons.


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