Elena Stöhr

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Elena Stöhr is a zinester from Cologne, Germany and lives currently in Berlin. She has edited two zines so far: It's not just boys' fun and Rote Tränen (both mostly in English, partly in German).

The personal and political zine It's not just boys fun covers just about anything from interviews with bands to diary writings, quotes, comics, info about how the get active, stories about male behavior and the aftermath, women and hardcore etc. in four issues so far.

Rote Tränen is a small zine with currently ten issues, very delicate and personal. It has poems, fiction, stories and collages. The last two issues are photo zines with real photos.

Elena was also a co-founder of the store Craftista in Cologne. The store began in November 2006 and closed in October 2007. They sold besides zines, crafts and vegan cakes a lot of records and CD's.