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Electric Windmill is a monthly collaborative zine started by Brian Le Lay and Jess Dykstra (http://electricwindmillpress.com/masthead.html). They provide significant information about their background and intentions in issue no. 001 of the zine, so if you're looking to know more about that read the Editor's Note and Chronology found here within the issue: http://electricwindmillpress.com/1.html

They put out 12 issues per year, both online and in print. The print issue is $3 plus postage and available internationally, and the online issue is available online for free as a PDF. They want to get their contributors' work to as many people as possible regardless of potential readers' financial status, which is why they distribute their content online for free.

The types of submissions they take are: "poems, drawings, essays, stories, schematics, rants, recipes, manifestos, and everything in between, so long as it tells us something about your life." (from their guidelines page: http://electricwindmillpress.com/malaprop.html). They have mentioned on WeMakeZines that they can publish full-color artwork submissions, and that you needn't have a scanner to submit artwork to them.

Some people who inspire them are: "Henry Rollins, Yoni Wolf, Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Gregory Corso, Charles Bukowski, George Carlin, Frank O'Hara, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jim Carroll, Richard Pryor, Gary Snyder, Henry Miller, Kahlil Gibran, Bill Hicks, Richard Brautigan, Brian Ellis, Marc Maron, Charles Baudelaire, Adam Carolla, Michael Dickman, Matthew Dickman, Russel Edson." (guidelines page).

They can be found:

Duotrope's Digest: http://www.duotrope.com/market_5937.aspx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Electric-Windmill-Press/134167653323955

Tumblr: http://electricwindmillpress.tumblr.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/e_windmillpress

Email: editorialstaff [at] electricwindmillpress [dot] com

The first issue was released in July 2011 and the second issue is slated for late August. Submission deadline for Issue No. 002 is August 23rd, 2011.

Issue No. 001 includes 30 pieces from 20 different contributors in the following categories: poems, stories/fiction, cartoons/comics, photography. Future issues will also include reviews, interviews, and overall a greater variety in content.

They have tabled at Portland Zine Symposium 2011, and will be in attendance at SF Zine Fest & Twin Cities Zine Fest.

This zine is published and distributed by: Electric Windmill Press, which also puts out full-length books, chapbooks, and perzines.