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Eighteen- The Magazine is a fanzine from Ontario, Canada.

Due to the success of XYZed Magazine #18, a spin-off publication was released. Based primarily on the world of horror movies, Eighteen features exclusive interviews essays and info on selected horror franchises.

Issue #1: Friday the 13th. Featured interviews with John Carl Buechler (director of Part VII), Todd Farmer (screenwriter for Jason X), Dominick Brascia (actor, Part V), Stu Charno (actor, Part 2), and Peter Bracke (author, Crystal Lake Memories). Also included are the XYZed interviews with Ari Lehman (Jason 1), and CJ Graham (Jason VI).

Volume 2: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The Film and Beyond. Featured interviews with William Butler (actor, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3), "Chainsaw Sally" (actress, April Monique Burril) , Roger Bartlett (TCM’s Fool For a Blonde song) and the final interview with the late Robert A Burns (TCM’s art director). Also: an in-depth essay from native Texan, Robert Inman about living on "Quick Hill", the location where the film was shot; TCM film reviews, news, websites and photographs.

Volume 3: Dawn of the Dead and other “Living Dead” films. Featured exclusive interviews with Gaylen Ross (star of Dawn of the Dead ’78), Judith O’Dea (star of the original Night of the Living Dead), Leonard Lies (the “Machete Zombie” from Dawn of the Dead ’78), William Butler (actor, NotLD ‘90). Plus: aombie film reviews, website listings, fan articles and a meeting with the star of Dawn of the Dead, actor Ken Foree.

What is Eighteen? It is the newest creation of Anxiety Entertainment. Eighteen is a horror movie magazine for the fans. It features exclusive interviews with horror movie legends from various horror movies and franchises. Each issue deals with a single theme: Volume 1 was all about the Friday the 13th series; later issues have dealt with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the "Living Dead" series and more.

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