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E J Zyla is a Brisbane based artist who created the Haich zine aswell as works on paper and artists books.

She is also writing and Illustrating various books for young adults and children.


Haich is a heavy Illustrated graphic novel style zine ( 2008 - ) Created by E J Zyla

"...Haich started out as a platform to thrash out an idea without any specific direction – It is a make it up as you go zine – The idea behind it is that a letter of an alphabet can be so much more than just a part of a whole- You can create stories out of anything – Haich inspires me..." [E J Zyla, H_introduction contact page]


Haich.1 - and the mechinations of History

Haich #1

Issue 2 - Haich.2 ...oF SCIENCE AND SHADOWs...

Haich #2

Issue 3 - Haich.3 Love + Gravity

Haich #3

E J Zyla website

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