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* [http://http://wemakezines.ning.com/profile/Filka/ We make Zines ]
* [http://http://wemakezines.ning.com/profile/Filka/ We make Zines ]
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[[Category:Zinester|Zyla]] [[Category:Artist|Zyla]] [[Category:Australian Zinesters]] [[Category:Brisbane Zinesters]]

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E J Zyla also known as Filka is a Brisbane based artist who created the zines Haich, Bird_Habit, and the minizine I A Scribe.

Filka/E J Zyla
Filka/E J Zyla

Haich is a heavy Illustrated graphic novel style zine created by E J Zyla in 2008.

"...Haich started out as a platform to thrash out an idea without any specific direction – It is a make it up as you go zine – The idea behind it is that a letter of an alphabet can be so much more than just a part of a whole- You can create stories out of anything – Haich inspires me..." (E J Zyla, H_introduction contact page)

Bird_Habit is a graphic Novel styled zine, containing short stories based on dreams.


Haich #1
Haich #1
  • Haich.1 - and the mechinations of History (September 2008): Theme 'Mechinations of History'. Collectors Edition 250;comes with spray painted clear cover; 8 black and white photocopied pages; This issue also features a 'Book Token'. (Collect the first 4, follow directions to receive the 5th free)
  • Haich.2 ...oF SCIENCE AND SHADOWs...(March 2009): Theme: 'of science and shadows'.

Based on a nightmare. Edition 250;8 black and white photocopied pages; bound in cardboard with spray painted design on cover. This issue also features a 'Book Token'. (Collect the first 4, follow directions to receive the 5th free)

  • Haich.3 Love + Gravity(May 2009): Theme 'Love + Gravity'. Edition 250; 8 black and white, photocopied pages; bound in cardboard and a colour printed poster. This issue also features a 'Book Token'. (Collect the first 4, follow directions to receive the 5th free)

Bird_Habit is a zine that has stepped beyond the perameters of what an art zine could be. More akin to a graphic novel than an Artist Book, it has been called an 'Art object' with 'Journeyman styled poetry'

  • Bird_Habit.1 'Dreams of Dust' - The purpose was to create a zine that is a free form medium to explore + extrapolate on concepts remembered upon awakening from slumber.

A dream guide, made into short stories with an A5 page Illustration to accompany them. Edition 250 in A6 (10.5 x 14.75cm); 10 Black + White, Laser copied pages.

Limited Edition copies of 50; recycled cardboard covers with antique paper bookplates + number plates in front + back inside covers. Front + Back covers on LTD EDs' come with custom Gocco Prints; signed + numbered by the Artist E J Zyla

Second print run of 250 in A5 format (21 x 14.85cm)



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