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e2PMI was a monthly zine edited by Robert Hole, and is available at Radio-SF and is listed at efanzines.

Lloyd Penney, writing in the March issue of Askance, says of the title, "I've asked what it refers to, and I am sure that editor Robert Hole will tell me one of these days." Since Robert has forgotten (2018) exactly what the “e2” stood for, other than it was “e-squared”, he can’t fully help. The “PMI” stood for “pub my ish”.

It was first published in August 2010. It was originally available in both pdf and ePub formats. The final issue was released July 2011. Some issues are available online.

e2PMI featured book reviews, fiction and non-fiction, articles, essays, recipes, book news, convention reports and news, and other events.

Staff included general editor, Robert Hole; Fiction Maven, "Kelly" Jude-Marie Green; Art Kachina: "Mo" Maurine Starkey; and Domestic Diva: Ellen Hole.

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