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E-Pele-Mele: Electronic Mail Art Netzine is a Mail Art zine.

This zine was published in Wellen, Belgium in the nineties by the artist Guy Bleus (aka: 42.292). It ran from 1994 till 1997.

The first issue was released in April/May 1994. it was 20 pages, photocopied. It includes the essay, "Mail-art During This Last Decade" by the editor.

Volume 1, number 2 appeared in October/November 1994, and included the essays "Pre-Electronic Mail-Art Projects in Mexico'", and contact info for participants in the Mail-art world.

Volume 2, number 1 was published January/Fevruary 1995, and included the essay, "Mail-art in Sweden" and "A Dialogue Between the Postman and His Electronic Shadow", among others.

Volume 3, number 1 consisted of the 1997 E-Mail-Art and Internet Manifesto. It was a call to all the mail artists whose email addresses he knew to participate in a collaborative manifesto, and was distributed via email to all participants as well as in the zine. Printing the manifesto as a zine as well as an e-mail was a crossover strategy by Bleus to distribute the online communication about mail art and electronic mail art via both distribution systems. Participants included networking artists such as Vittore Baroni, Ken Friedman, John Held, Jr., Ruud Janssen, György Galántai, Pawel Petasz and Géza Perneczky.

Volume 3, number 2 was published December 1997, and include an interview with the editor by Ruud Janssen, and essays.

Guy Bleus participated in many zines of the mail art network. In 1968 he edited the zine Subterrean and did the lay-out of Sunshine World Magazine. He also edited Commompress #56 (a retrospective) and an edition of Bambu. Bleus is the archivist of The Administration Centre - 42.292 (T.A.C. - 42.292). T.A.C. - 42.292 is a networking archive; it is located in Wellen (near Liège), Belgium. It contains works such as collages, zines, magazines, artistamps, copy art, and more, of 6000 artists of 60 countries.

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