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[[Image:Editto-13_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''E-Ditto''' Issue 13 Cover art by Mae Streklov 2011]]
[[Image:Editto-13_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''E-Ditto''' Issue 13 2011 <br/>Cover art by Mae Streklov ]]
'''E-Ditto''' is a fanzine by Eric Mayer.  
'''E-Ditto''' is a fanzine by Eric Mayer.  

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File:Editto-13 copy.jpg
E-Ditto Issue 13 2011
Cover art by Mae Streklov

E-Ditto is a fanzine by Eric Mayer.

Previously, Eric Mayer had done the science fiction fanzine Groggy. E-Ditto is more of a perzine, and is an electronic fanzine, available on-line. 13 issues have appeared as of 2011.

Mayer writes about everything from Clark Ashton Smith, to the death of his cat, Sabrina, to the 1960s counterculture paper The East Village Other.

Contributors of writing include Mary Reed and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Contributors of art work include Pierre Bonnard, Brad Foster, Eric Mayer, Mae Strelkov, and Taral Wayne. Also included are reprints from previous fazines Eric has done, such as Groggy and Deja Vu, since he is a fan of ditto and mimeograph art work.

Letters of comment come from Dave Burton, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank, Journey Planet), Dave Locke (Time and Again), Darroll Pardoe (Les Spinge, Vector), Lloyd Penney (Torus), and Taral Wayne.

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